Lean Cargo operation

Our primary goal is an Agile Cargo operation.

CargoXS supports Cargo operators in Lean Management, developing their Lean competences and skills. Our experienced consultants are valued for their knowledge and their skills in effectively imparting this knowledge.

Our consultancy and Software

Lean management is a very powerful method to improve Cargo operators focus and reduce costs. However, applying Lean is not a quick fix. Lean is not only about the Lean techniques, it is also about a culture for continuous improvement. Many organizations using Lean lack a clear vision and a constructive Lean approach.

CargoXS provides with Cargo Quality Center a powerful best practice tool. By applying the right techniques and involving the right people, a movement of continuous improvement can be established. We can distinguish different types of techniques: Some are process aimed, others are aimed at problem solving. The Cargo Quality Center is able to visualize the cargo handling process and is able to let you focus on the different techniques.