CHAMP Cargo partners with CargoXS to extend services to clients

Luxembourg, 20th September 2016 – CHAMP Cargosystems has partnered with CargoXS to provide its Cargo Quality Center service to its clients. This state of the art real-time warehouse work progress monitoring product provides airlines and ground handling services the tools to enhance quality of work and improve client satisfaction of services offered. With access to both systems, both CHAMP’s and CargoXS’ clients will benefit with better service, wider access, and better market penetration.

“It is a natural fit for our two companies to come together in this way,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, Vice President at CHAMP Cargosystems. “Tailor made services like reporting, screen changes, special processes can be executed by CargoXS to further fulfill our clients’ need. We are thrilled to extend these services for the CHAMP community with an innovative partner like CargoXS.”

Introduced in early 2015, CargoXS’ Cargo Quality Center is a unique Service as a Software solution that enables airlines and ground handlers to monitor their physical and administrative processes in real time, in a user-friendly environment, eliminating unneeded administration efforts. It enables airlines to have real-time knowledge of the performance of their ground-handling partners, ground handlers to commit to SLAs and monitor their performance in real time, and all operations to work smarter to make every man-hour count in meeting demand and deadlines.

“We’re incredibly excited to have CHAMP Cargosystems and its experience and history in air-cargo software beside us on our mission - to continually bring innovations in real-time monitoring and quality control directly to every level of every air cargo operation,” says Walter Kruger, Managing Director at CargoXS. “The core values the Cargo Quality Center represents; real-time, no fuss, and no overhead are now enhanced further by the ability to bundle it with customers’ existing products. The Cargo Quality Center is a great match for existing CHAMP customers, as it complements the functionality already present in the current systems with very little overlap, making this a perfect collaboration for us”

Servicing a variety of high-profile clients, the CargoXS has offered a knowledgeable and steadfast service since 2013. It assists companies in achieving their business objectives in the air cargo industry.